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We encourage you to reproduce the work of the cartoonists. When reproducing their work: Include the full name of the cartoonist. Include a link to their individual page or to the entire Comix from Inside page. DO NOT include their mailing address in your publication. If you are publishing the work of cartoonists and have questions contact: info@realcostofprisons.org

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Artist: R.H.

R.H. has given permission to reproduce his work. If you are interested in using his work, we do ask you contact us so that he can know how his cartoons will be used.

The Price Ain't Right


California Prison Re-entry Hub


Vern: Inner-City Net



Vern: Minority Youth


Mount Killmore

Vern: Save Our Future Generations

Written Off

Private Prisons

Vern: Written Off

Will Work for Food

Stardate America

Stand Up!


2.4 Million Behind Bars - Who's Next?



Prison Time Bomb

Three Strikes--Who's Out?

Vern: Drug Rehab

Reform Mongers

casino games namesVern: Good People to Do Nothing

Private Interests

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Vern: Health Care for the Poor

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